FreeZoxee is broke. We need your help.

Despite many calls for action, we haven't received the help we needed to stay afloat.
Since months, we barely survived with no promotion and microscopic financial support,
despite the presence of accounts on the site with substancial follower herds.

The target goal of this campaign is to be able to pay back the money we borrowed
since 70 days to keep FZ going.

Plus, a new month has begun and new bills are due. Without your support, we can not go on.
If you like and use FZ regularly, please make a donation to help us close the gap.

Should this small call for help be successful, we will reopen Freezoxee to the public including registrations.
If not, we will sadly have to let it go.

  • Jim Lewis

  • Matt Bracken

  • harry redfearn teal

  • Donald Baltronis


    I hate Freeloaders. Reminds me of the Illegals.

  • Anonymous

  • Sam Gay

  • Lauren Bracken


    I wish things were different.

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  • Anonymous

#Update Where is the great Alex Jones, the "tip of the spear of the resistance" in times of need ?
- Infowars posts on FZ: 3000
- Infowars shows embedded through bitchute on FZ: 3000
- Alex Jone's net worth: $10.000.000
- Number of times Alex mentioned FZ on air: 0
- Infowars donations to FZ since 5 months: $0
- Infowars donations on this call: $0

$2,565 of $7,000 goal

37% Raised by 36 Donations IT & Software


Created Jun 02, 2019

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